Life’s Little Surprises!

sculpey-bottle1I was rummaging through my paint bin when I found an unused bottle of liquid sculpey clay. I’m not sure what possessed me to buy it, or even when I bought it, but there it was, begging to be used. I googled it and found out it’s a transfer medium. So we photocopied illustrations out of our favorite books (Secret Garden, Little Women, Miss Hickory, Brambly Hedge series, Little Black Puppy, Frog and Toad…), filled them in with colored pencil, painted the goop on over top of them,


and baked them according to the instructions on a foil-covered cookie sheet. You have some crafting cookie sheets like ours, don’t you? TeeHee.


After they cooled, we worked the paper off the backs in water (like taking off a price tag by rolling it under your fingers) and ended up with these really cool window clingies.

They’re much prettier in person. Taking photos on clear glass is difficult, I found, as is capturing color on translucent surfaces. But you can get the gist.


— from The Little Black Puppy, colored by Brian


— from Little Women, colored by Brooke


— from The Little Black Puppy, my favorite childhood book, colored by Brad


— from The Secret Garden, colored by Mama


— from Little Women, colored by Brooke (a gift to Mama)

Just a few technical tips:

Cut the picture out just a little bigger than you actually want it. That way, if the thin edges roll, you can trim them straight after they’ve cooked and cooled.

Thicker is not necessarily better. Just a thin, even coating all the way to the edge is good.

Don’t stick your head right in front of the oven when you open it to check on it. The fumes nearly knocked me out! They say it’s non-toxic, but I could swear it knocked a few hours off my life. Lol.


One response to “Life’s Little Surprises!

  1. what a fun craft idea….you are all over the great crafts!! your kids must be in heaven.

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