He’ll Cry

Brooke’s daddy hasn’t seen these photos yet. When he does, he’ll cry. 


We fished around in the attic til we found my wedding dress.


Just like in Butterfly Kisses, she’s growing up,


looking more beautiful than her eight years should allow.


She just whispered in my ear the name of the boy she wants to marry when she grows up.


This photo makes even me want to cry. Sweet girls. One day, it will be for real. One day.


8 responses to “He’ll Cry

  1. How beautiful! I love the veil photo – she’s gorgeous! And, you’re right – he’s going to cry! One year for mother’s day, our church had a mother-daughter banquet and the girls did a fashion show – wearing their mother’s wedding gowns. It was awesome! We had a photographer takes pictures for all the moms. Great memories!

  2. oh goodness…she is so cute!! they grow up too fast don’t they? before you know it she will probably be doing this for real

  3. sheis so sweet, love the one of the two sisters together, your hubby is going ot love them. Maybe when she gets married it will be your dress she wears, itl ooks beautiful

  4. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the second one. That one will have to be a part of her wedding for sure!

  5. That is such a beautiful scene!

  6. So beautiful! My oldest wouldn’t fit into my wedding dress, and my 9 year old, maybe (I had a tiny waist then.)

  7. These photos are beautiful. So beautiful. What a treasure to have for the future. Yes, he’ll cry… like all good daddies. :o)
    ~ Linda

  8. You so needed a warning, or a sponsorship from Kleenex… Serious optical leakage, girl. Beautiful photo, beautiful memories.

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