Pearly Whites

Today we toured the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore. It’s one of those places in my back yard that I’d never actually go unless someone else organized it. Come on, how interesting can a museum devoted to teeth be?! I’ll let you judge.


Brooke learning a giant lesson on flossing.


Dr. Brian just wants to take a look-see. Don’t mind that huge syringe he’s hiding behind his back.


Breanna meets Mouthie.


Brad organizes food into the new food pyramid design. Umm…there’s no “chocolate” category included. Somebody?

Okay, now here’s why I’ve rued going to the dentist for so long.


My childhood dentist was an immigrant from Yugoslavia and I know he used some things right off this table–without Novacaine!


That’s just a cool shot of the Bromo Seltzer Tower from our 10th floor parking spot. We don’t make it to the city very often, but when we do, I have lots of stories to share from  my own childhood. Like about our trips to Lexington Market, which we could see from our parking garage, too. Mmm…good memories.

2 responses to “Pearly Whites

  1. Good Lord! You park on the 10th floor!!! I’d be terrified! I’d need something more than a dental museum to make me do that – lol! Although, it does look like a neat field trip idea :O). Thanks for sharing it.

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