Amer’s Cafe

If you’re within a half hour of Overlea, you should stop in to Amer’s Cafe, a little owner-run Egyptian cafe. We hadn’t been for years (probably 4 or 5) until yesterday afternoon, when I remembered the kids can make their own pizzas and watch them cook in the brick oven. Who’s not up for that kind of fun?

The kids climbed up onto bar stools and got to work on their own balls of dough. They thought it was hysterical the chef actually threw them across the room to them. I hope he didn’t give them any ideas…


I think they were surprised at the elbow grease it took to roll it out to the right size. But they were up for the challenge.


They loved adding the cheese and pepperoni.


I loved watching the pizzas go into the open fire. I want one of those for my house. My pitas tasted so good when they came out all warm and browned.


Of all the fun they had, Brian’s favorite part was eating the pizza with his spatula. No one else was in the restaurant, so I indulged him.


I can’t believe he ate the whole thing…


So was it because he made it himself or because it tasted good? If I can figure that out, I’ll be set for life–either way.

A note about Amer’s. I was a little shocked at the bill: it cost $8/child, which is a little steep in my opinion. And they didn’t offer the kids the cool paper aprons and hats, like they used to (see the photo on the web site). Still, it was about the experience, and the kids had a great experience.

5 responses to “Amer’s Cafe

  1. Do they still have the belly dancing? We went there once many years ago!

  2. I miss and love you all. I am heading to the air port in 20 minutes. Looks like you all had fun making and eating that pizza.

    Brooke I still cry every time I look at you in moms wedding dress. You are stuning and I can’t wait to walk you down the isle one day. Say in about 100 years. :):):) No when you find a godly man I will be happy to walk my bueatiful princess down the isle.

    I am so proud of each of you. God has great plans your you.

    Give mom a great big hug and kiss for home schooling you. We are blessed to call her mom and I am blessed to call her my wife.

    Love dad.

  3. Amer’s sounds like a hoot!

  4. we have wanted to go to Amers for a while now, I am inspired to head there soon, it is a great time.

    The pizzas looked good.

  5. i love your son’s hat…he wears it well!! It looks almost like the one my son wanted this week to be a “mix master” and breakdancer!!

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