Sabbath Sweetness–Valentine


That lasted about 3 days until someone tried to get into it. ~giggle~


Fun paper banner over our slider.


Jar full of five love questions from each person in our family. We’ll attempt to answer them at dinner time throughout the month. Some of them are doozies.


Just plain fun!


10 responses to “Sabbath Sweetness–Valentine

  1. i love all the decorations!! very cute. and that love jar is a great idea

  2. i was wondering about the candy jar myself 🙂 just love those little candy hearts. all your decorations are cool! the paper chain is something i could definitely handle – lol. and i agree with leslie, the love jar is an awesome idea!

  3. beautiful decorations! :^)

  4. Ok, I have to ask. Why the unobtainable candy? Is it just to see who would crack first and have candy spill everywhere?

  5. I saw those little cupcake clips at JoAnn’s and wondered what in the work to do with them. Just darling.

  6. that was supposed to say WORLD

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  8. Love the love decor! Esp. pink – my girl prefers red, can you believe it?

  9. So cheerful! Love the garland.

  10. Love your valentines….the pink garland is so beautiful!

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