More Sabbath Sweetness

Our Sabbath was filled with much love today.

I decorated our Tree for All Seasons, which I love to do!


This afternoon, after a few hours playing out in the unseasonably warm weather, the children worked on

The Love Shack


I made some Valentine treats for our co-op, whom we love.



Brooke gave our party invitations to the girls she loves at Sunday School.


And the little friend I love to watch was ice fishing out back.


See those holes near his feet? He was reaching in for fish, but got shy when Brooke got out the camera.

My husband showed his love to me by giving me two quiet hours to watch the movie Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson story. It will play all this month, and I highly recommend it!

I love Sabbath.


4 responses to “More Sabbath Sweetness

  1. So, please tell me what those yummy looking snacks are :). I think I see pretzels, but please tell me what you did. Unless it is a family secret, secret recipe……….

  2. Deb, thanks for the recipe :O). Easy! That’s just what I need, for a cook, I am not.

    I have posted an award for you in my blog. You can go to my page – probably the top posting – and copy and paste the award into your blog – if you want. You can share it with anyone you want to from there. Thanks for being my blog buddy!

  3. wonderful insight. i, too, find myself oddly discontent sometimes. i say oddly, because, in reality, i have everything that ever really mattered to me in my dreams. the most awesome husband i could imagine, five amazing blessings in my children, and (soon) a house in the country to grow with them all. i appreciate knowing i am not the only one who needs to remind myself that life is good.

  4. this is one of my favorite posts you’ve ever written– good job! And so true!!

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