Fitness Friday: Couldn’t Leave You Hanging

Maybe you’ve wondered where my Fitness Fridays are going. Maybe you’ve watched my struggles with food and weight in the power of my flesh. Maybe you’ve even seen me defeated by those struggles. I have good news. God let me fall right where I needed to fall–flat on my face. Only there am I ready to try His way.

My friend Heather, who has been a God-send from the beginning, let me know about Setting Captives Free’s free online study, The Lord’s Table. In the past week alone, God has used it to break several strongholds and set me free in areas I did not even recognize my bondage. I’ve realized that, as with all other things in this life, it’s not about my work, but about His grace.


7 responses to “Fitness Friday: Couldn’t Leave You Hanging

  1. Isn’t God awesome!?!?!?

  2. Glad to see you posting for Fitness Friday.

    God is good!

  3. First time commenting, but long-time reader.

    I’ve been through the Setting Captives Free course. It’s VERY helpful! I know it’ll be a blessing to you too!

  4. Could very much relate to your Fitness Friday post. That’s me in a nusthell, and now I’m going to check out the Lord’s Table link. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Cool! I’m glad you found that study. Being spiritually fit is better than anything else.

  6. thanks for sharing this it looks like a great program and just what I need.

  7. Thanks again for that link about the Lord’s Table. I checked it out, signed up, and am really loving it.

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