Hot Mocha Mola

Lately, I’ve been rewarding the children with “grown-up” things when they spontaneously display a new sort of maturity–with something equally as “grown up.”

Brooke: Dressed Breanna for an outing without being asked. She got a huge waffle cone (like only Mom and Dad get) at the dairy, filled with mounds of ice cream.

Brad: Shared his coveted portion of Dad’s famous scrambled eggs without batting an eye. He got special tea time with Mom the next morning.

Brian: Picked up the end of the stroller to help me carry Brea down the stairs outside the dental museum, without being asked. He got some Hot Mocha Mola with Mom the next morning.

Breanna: Set the table with plates while I was cooking dinner, without being asked. She also indulged in the Hot Mocha Mola!

And just what is Hot Mocha Mola? Why, Ghirardelli’s White Mocha powdered mix, of course.



3 responses to “Hot Mocha Mola

  1. that is so nice that they think to do those things on their own to help you out and what a fun reward to be treated like a grown up for a little while. Nice idea!

  2. taking a break from remodeling and checking in with online friends –

    Love anything that has the word Ghirardelli in it! What a nice system you have in place – love the rewards the kids rec’d – great job kids!

  3. so great to reward them like that! i’d gladly help out a bit more, too, for a treat like that hot chocolate! YUM! I’ve got to look for that variety at the store next time 😉

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