Walk This Way

In our KONOS Sheep and Weaving unit, we’re memorizing the 23rd Psalm. One way of doing that, according to the authors, is to cut out papers in the shape of feet and write phrases on each one.


They also suggest mixing up the feet and having the children put them in order. So the boys paged through the picture book Kathy gave us last year which illustrates the psalm, and Brooke read and arranged the feet according their instruction.


I think tomorrow morning for Bible I’ll set them free with the book and the feet and come back to see how they’ve done. I wonder how many other things they can learn in this fun way??


6 responses to “Walk This Way

  1. I think I could seriously get into a Sheep and Weaving Unit – what fun! Do you have an awesome yarn store field trip planned already? A trip to see the new spring lambs out in the fields, perhaps?
    (sorry, I’ll stop now, I really could get super excited about this, I used to work in a weaving studio in college)

  2. My kids have done that. They have also done similar with other verses and with math problems. Lately they have set up a “Bible study” in the basement–complete with acting out, word for word, Joshua and the battle of Jericho around our tent, which they then collapse by removing the post..

  3. great idea, I love the sheep unit in Konos, the sheep and wool festival is in May in Howard County would make a great field trip.

  4. sure looks like a fun way to learn something!

  5. I do this a lot to teach kids paragraph structure and organizing writing in a sensible, logical way! They love it–it’s like a puzzle. Of course, with the psalm there’s only one way to put it in order, but it gets fun when there’s different ways and kids have to justify their answer by explaining their thinking! It’s also a good way to “chunk” the psalm so that children can comprehend the meaning! Yeah, teacher!!!! You’re awesome!!!

  6. Sounds like a great plan to me! Kali always loved fun learning techniques. We may have to try something like this – she isn’t too old. Neither am I :O)!

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