A Question Too Big


[From Day 2 of Henry Blackaby’s Called and Accountable]

I’ve quoted the Scripture a hundred times to myself and my children: “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, which moth and rust destroy; rather, store up treasures in heaven where they are incorruptible.” Not quite word for word, but you probably know which one I mean.

For some time, I thought I was doing just that. But a deeper mining by the Lord has left me speechless. His Word is a two-edged sword that divides reality from fantasy. The things I thought were storing up treasures in heaven have been a bit of a mirage. The ulterior motive has been uncovered for what it is. I did not even know the ulterior motives existed.

Giving money to feel good about  myself. Honoring friends who can give back rather than those who have nothing to give. Spending time spoiling my family rather than leading them out into feeding the hungry and clothing the poor. The Lord is doing something big in me these days, and I never know exactly what He’ll bring to the surface and purify with fire.

God is good all the time.


5 responses to “A Question Too Big

  1. Wonderful reminder.

    Thank you.

  2. wow really makes me think. It is amazing when god makes the blinders fall off our eyes isn;t it. Thanks for the reminder of what we are really here for and what we are suppose to be doing.

    God Bless:-)

  3. When you write it out that way it really gives you something to think about.

  4. Ouch. This is a hard one for me. I’m making progress slowly. I’ve had to be careful reading decorating/home blogs because I can get a serious case of the wants FAST. And Shannon’s right — writing things out (spending, eating) grabs our attention and shines a big spotlight on reality!

  5. wow! thanks for sharing this reminder!

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