Sabbath Sweetness

Sunday we kicked off our Sonflower Sisters 2009 year with a Pajama Party. We began Dannah Gresh’s Secret Keeper Girls: The Gift of True Friendship.


We played a hair-raising game of Sixes (a new family favorite).


The girls opened these cute bags. (Brooke decorated them and Sheila made the adorable name tags.)


Inside were the fruits of my Saturday,


these adorable bags to carry their diaries in to each gathering.


Brooke opened us in prayer and led the girls in a reading of 1 Corinthians chapter 13.


The girls loved on each other by drawing and writing encouraging things on each other’s shirts.


We finished up with some yummy snacks.


And even managed to snap a rare Mom photo.


(I don’t want to post photos of the little girls without permission, but imagine 14 little pink-pj’d girls eating strawberries and playing Twister.)

I can’t wait for next month’s Gathering!


9 responses to “Sabbath Sweetness

  1. Adorable bags! I love them!
    What exactly is this SonFlower girls? Is it a national thing, like Christian girl scouts? Or maybe something you and your friends started? Or a home school thing?

  2. Jen, Sonflower Sisters is a mother-daughter discipleship run right out of Mountain. Four years ago, a group of moms got together to form the group, and since have grown to 4 groups, including one at another local area church. I’ve sent out copies of the past two years’ curriculum to people all over the country, and hope one day it will become a “national” thing. It’s for every mother and daughter (ages 5-12) who want to grow closer to one another and to the Lord–homeschoolers, private and public schoolers. We have a good mix of all kinds of girls. Breanna is part of our group by default–Chuck and the boys get together with the Sons of Thunder (the boys’ version which just started up) on the same Sundays we gather with the Sisters. Long answer to a short question. ~grin~

  3. what a great way to connect with your daughters and with each other as mothers.

  4. this sounds like a ball! i love your mom photo – i notice some pjs there as well. the tote bags you made are cute – i like the fabric choice, too :O). and, i want a sweet cookie, too! what a great spiritual support group for the girls. i wish we had something like this when kali was little. shoot! i wish we had something like it now.

  5. Oh, that is the sweetest idea ever! I am so jealous. I need a little girl so I can get invited to fun parties like these.

  6. Adorable! I take pics of my boys all the time saying the same thing – for potential dates in the future if momma is having doubts – :0

  7. Love the lady bug bags!!! Too cute 🙂

  8. What a wonderful concept! I so look forward to such activities when my little lady is a little older. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Now that looks like a fun time! i adore those little bags you made 🙂

    Really, really cute!

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