The Moral of the Story Is…

when a teaspoon falls into the toilet, fish it out right away.


Don’t ask me how the thing got on the bathroom sink.

Or why I didn’t immediately fish it out. (Think old toilet that always looks grubby.)

Or how I could possibly forget to tell hubby.

Don’t ask me about the look on hubby’s face after the 4th trip to Home Depot.


Feel free to ask me how I came to the rescue with a box cutter, scotch tape and colored Sharpies. ~grin~


8 responses to “The Moral of the Story Is…

  1. thats funny I remember once when my oldest- now13- dumped a bag of apples down our toilet, we did’t realize it till we went in and saw something funny and flushed it and it was far enough down you really couldn;t see what it was, it just rolled there. Later I noticed a whole new bag of apples was gone well 2+2= apples in the tolilet. We too needed to replace luckily hubby is a contractor so this was an easy repair for him, although not what we had planed to do that night at all.

  2. Oh boy there is nothing my husband hates worse than a plugged toilet! LOl
    Isnt it funny how kids like cardboard boxes so much?

  3. Too funny!

    At least the kids got a new box hut to play with 😀

  4. OK, you’ve got my attention with your first sentence…

  5. …wow! well, I remember a time my son flushed all my jewelry down the toilet. The only thing that saved his rear end was this – he stuffed 3 towels in the toilet before the jewelry, so all it did was get plugged up really bad. Oh year, and Jason spent the rest of the afternoon – not playing – but washing and cleaning jewelry and the bathroom floor. What a great story and I love your photos that go with it. The only thing that would improve it would be a shot of hubby, but I guess that’s asking for too much – LOL.

  6. That’s not you in the box (last picture) is it?

  7. o dear! sounds like a funny memory in the making. it’s wonderful to have a husband who loves one, even/especially when one does silly things.

  8. Wow….who knew a teaspoon could do so much damage? A tablespoon maybe, but a teaspoon? At least you got a box out of the ordeal. Boxes make it better =p

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