Party at The Painted Monkey

Brooke’s friend had a birthday party at her art teacher’s studio, The Painted Monkey. I don’t know what I expected, but I was completely blown away.


It’s on the outskirts of Rocks State Park, so the drive there is heavenly. (She has ponds on either side of her drive.) The gorgeous Jarrettsville studio is inside a beautiful old farmhouse, so you’re looking out white-paned windows as you create.


It’s completely shabby-chic. I don’t know how she managed to finagle herself a husband who lets her decorate frou-frou, but I want me one of him.


The owner, is more than personable–she was like an old friend from the start. She even pointed  me to her favorite antique and gift shop on Old Federal Road, which was well worth the visit.


The best news of all, locals, is you don’t have to sign up for a series of classes or commit to coming over and over again. Your family can be your class, she told me. If you’re interested, just give Pam a call at 410-692-9190.



3 responses to “Party at The Painted Monkey

  1. oh wow…that looks so amazing!! what a special room and decorated so nice!

  2. that’s amazing… I think I may set up our dining room like that for my daughter’s party… FABULOUS!

  3. that is the cutest thing i think i have ever seen! i want a party there! awesome!

    and thanks for commenting for cora and tuesday today on my blog!!!

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