Felted Wool Easter Eggs

After our guest weaver left, we dug into our own wool roving


 and felted some gorgeous Easter Eggs.

I found the tutorial here.

First we wrapped pieces of wool roving (which we ordered from Amazon) around styrofoam egg forms (found this time of year at local craft stores).


We carefully tied them snugly into pantyhose, making sure not to disturb the placement of the wool.


We then ran them under hot water and added a little dishsoap. Then we rub, rub, rubbed in order to mush the wool together into felt.


After we rinsed out the soap with cold water, we snipped off the pantyhose and admired our beautiful eggs.


We have enough wool roving to make at least a dozen more. I can’t wait to have a whole basket sitting on the sideboard at Easter time.


5 responses to “Felted Wool Easter Eggs

  1. theses look really beautiful. What is wool roving, can you use felt from the craft store, she talked about it on her site, so wondering? I would love a bsket of these on our easter sideboard.

    Thanks for the contact info on the weaver,btw.

  2. I’ve always wondered how felted wool was made…I’ve seen cool purses made out of this material! neat stuff! something I’d like to do with my own daughter. thanks for the idea!

  3. i love this project!!! what a great idea, and they are so cute

  4. Lovely, thank you for sharing. I’ll be showing and telling the eggs we make hopefully soon. 🙂

  5. Oh, what a great idea! I’ve attempted felting Easter eggs before just from the roving, but it was tricky to get them really egg-shaped. I love the styrofoam and stocking idea!

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