Winter Wonderland…Finally

We finally got more than 1 melting inch of snow at once.


The morning of the snow, we woke up and read SnowFlake Bentley, the wonderfully written true story of the first man to successfully photograph snowflakes. Snapping this photo, at Brian’s request, was a gazillion times simpler tan what Bentley had to go through.


Breanna didn’t even last five minutes. With 30 m.p.h. wind gusts and the temp in the teens, I don’t blame her.


Look at what happened to her brother–he turned into a SNOW MAN!


The others survived quite well, and I had to order them back inside.


The poor birds who just  migrated back weren’t all that happy with the whole situation, though. Poor shivery little things. Look at ’em rock that feeder!


The boys asked to make a “winter dessert,” and constructed this awesome volcano with snow and strawberry syrup.


It made quite the yummy lunch.


Shh…don’t tell the kids I’m hoping this first “big” snow was also the last big snow of the season.


3 responses to “Winter Wonderland…Finally

  1. What a FUN day for your kiddos!! And those birds … are looking a little Alfred Hitchcock-ish. Eek! Since we live in SoCal, we get to CHOOSE our snow days. The Engineer took us up to the mountains a couple of weekends ago – which was also a ton of fun. Of course, by the end of the day we were pretty much ALL looking like Breanna!!

  2. I hear you, we enjoyed the snow too, I think our dog loved it the most. Out four where in and out all day and into the night when they went for a wlak in the fields with daddy. Honestly we love the snow, I wish we had a bit more of it.


  3. Oh wow! I am so jealous (We’re having days in the mid-sixties to seventies right now)! Never seen more than an inch of snow and that strawberry syrup mountain looks fantastic!

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