Virginia Aviation Museum

The kids and I embarked on a road trip last week that led to plenty of fun and learning. As we made our way to the Hampton area of Virginia, we stopped at the Virginia Aviation Museum (at the Richmond Airport) for our first adventure.


There were plenty of opportunities for the kids to experience “flying.”



They learned all about how different types of engines work.



And because Daddy was on his way to the same location, he was able to stop in after his work day was over to have some fun with us.



These are a few of my favorite shots.



FYI local home schoolers: We purchased a Teacher Family year-long membership for just $60 that includes free admission to over 250 science museums worldwide (as part of ASTC), including Baltimore’s own Maryland Science Center.


5 responses to “Virginia Aviation Museum

  1. What were you doing in Hampton? That is just across the river from us, about 15-20 min!

  2. Just enjoyed my first visit to your blog. Stopped in to see your wonderful felted eggs, and can hardly wait to try some with my kids. You have a great place here!! Blessed day.

  3. Looks like a fun trip!

  4. what a fun trip, Ilove visitng places in other areas. Looks like a fun day.

    Whats your hubby doing in VA,its great he could join in the fun with you

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