Blue Bird Gap Farm

If you’re thinking we had a wonderful time doing lots of “free” things in Virginia, you’re right!

First, friends’ parents let us stay in their cottage. (I hope they don’t mind me posting a photo. This doubles as my scrapbooking, and my kids love to have photos of places we’ve stayed.)





One afternoon we headed to the free Blue Bird Gap Farm.


We met Fable, the guard alpaca. The staff told us he would shred an animal intruder to pieces if it tried to get near the sheep. He kept trying to cozy up to us, but wasn’t quite comfortable enough to let us touch him.


We were studying sheep when we visited, and couldn’t resist sticking our hands deep down into this warm wool.


The sheep and lambs came over for the children, but were very skiddish with me.


Still, I got some good photos.


We ended up the visit with some good clean playground fun.


Well, as clean as four rambunctious kids can be on a farm!


3 responses to “Blue Bird Gap Farm

  1. Fable is awesome! How pretty! Looks like a fun place. I love the lambs. We did something similar here one time – no guard alpaca however. I’ll have to let the owners know we were jipped – just kidding :O).

  2. All these posts are bringing up fond memories for me. I used to live in York County, VA. I had a mentorship at the Virginia Living museum in high school. I’m glad you had fun!

  3. beautiful cottage and how wonderful to be able to use it. Love the guard alpaca, how sweet the lambs look.

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