Virginia Air and Space Center

Our recent trip to Virginia was packed with surprises. We wrapped up with a completely spur-of-the-moment jaunt to the Norfolk Naval Station. We drove all along the coast looking at various destroyers and aircraft carriers. I was a little reticent to snap photos, not wanting to look “suspicious.” I’m probably just whacky that way!


We needed to eat lunch, and so stopped into the Virginia Air and Space Center (which was free  because of the VAM membership we purchased) for some lunch. Then we stayed for some good old-fashioned F.U.N.

We started out downstairs with the special exhibit on Risk. Breanna, true to form, took it all very seriously and went straight for the highest degree of risk present.


This was fun–you really felt as if you were dangling on a beam above New York City.


I even got in on the action. Yes, that’s a real bed of nails I’m lying on. Cool!


All was fine and dandy until I took the children up onto the 4th floor outside observation deck and there was real risk. Then I kicked into high gear protective Mama. Still, they got some good time to look around.


This is more my speed.


Then there was the “Air” part of the museum.

Brad got to watch himself guide aircraft live on a computer-generated runway.


All the kids loved the flight simulator.


Check out this awesome replica of a Wind Tunnel. Just to give you an idea, it is made to scale, with Ken dolls inside it. Wow! That’s huge. Ask me again in a few weeks, after our airplanes  homeschool unit, and I’ll tell you what it’s for. TeeHee.


Finally, we made it up into the “Space” part of the museum.

Meet AstroBrian:


Take a ride in a time travel capsule with us.


Weigh yourself on different planets (which can be tremendously encouraging or depressing depending on the planet you choose).


And wonder with us…


Umm…Houston, could you put on someone over the age of six, please?


3 responses to “Virginia Air and Space Center

  1. Those observation decks should be called “make moms go weak in the knees decks”!

  2. what a great learning experience for all of you! kali and i went to the museum of science and industry in tampa awhile back and it had many of the same exhibits your photos show. it was great and a lot of fun! you guys got to do a bunch of really cool stuff!

  3. Looks like you’re all having the grandest of vacations!!

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