Come Away With Me…

Come away with Me

by yourselves

to a quiet place

and get rest.

–Jesus to His disciples in Mark 6:31

I spent the weekend with ladies from my church on our women’s retreat.

I am refreshed.

I met with the Lord there and heard His voice without distraction.

I lived in His abundance and experienced freedom I’d never had before.

I made new heart-friends.

And I came home ready to love my family again, the way I am commanded to love them.


2 responses to “Come Away With Me…

  1. i am glad for you that you had that opportunity….we mom’s don’t get much time to ourselves, let alone time to refresh and recharge and be ready to be Mom even better than before!!! i love the picture

  2. how wonderful, I am so glad you had a meaningful retreat, it is so important for us as women and moms to take time to step back and recharge, and reconnect with God and all the rest of us.

    Your right it makes us come back ready to be the women we are meant to be.

    Blessings to you all love the photo of the two of you very sweet.

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