Pretty Way to Post Memory Verses

In Sonflower Sisters, we are memorizing 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 this year. Yes, the entire chapter. I was trying to find a fun, girly way to go about keeping the verses close, and came up with these cute flower (get it, sunflower?) chipboard pieces I covered in complementary scrapbook papers. Then I hung them on the bag Brooke keeps her Sonflower Sisters materials in.


I’ll just print out parts of the chapter on white paper and glue them right to the flower. So quick. So cheap. So cute.

You could use them for anything!


3 responses to “Pretty Way to Post Memory Verses

  1. Very cute!! And for a grown up version of the same thing, I love Megan’s idea –>

  2. deb, those are gorgeous!!! what a fantastic idea!!! im thinking tutorial, i would love to know how

  3. So very pretty! I’d be more likely to keep them out and about and in view myself with them looking so nice…

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