Saying Goodbye to Winter


This weekend we met friends at the local ice rink for our FIRST EVER ice skating session!


I was so impressed with my children. They all four skated the entire two hours, giving it all they had.


They did not quit when it was not easy. They did not whine or cry when they got soaked from falling on the ice over and over.


When the going got rough, they got tougher. I saw a side of my children’s character I don’t often see–pure tenacity.


Brooke was particularly talented–she’s asked for lessons. Well, this is where Kimmie Meissner trained.

Breanna and I posed for a few silly shots while the ice was being resurfaced. She’s a HOOT!


What a fun family afternoon. The kids started asking when we’ll do it again as they were taking off their skates. I see a few Daddy-Child dates in the works…



3 responses to “Saying Goodbye to Winter

  1. we love Ice World and Madeline, Grace and Adam all take lessons there, we have done the benefit Kimmie sponsors each year its fun.

    We are thinking of going ot the next open skate next tuesday would you all want to met

  2. Funny how your ice rink looks just like ours! I guess there’s not much need or room for variation. Glad you all had fun!

  3. Oh, that little one looks like she slept well that night – completely tuckered out in that last photo!

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