Life in This Here Home


You know those little blurbs in Readers Digest you read for a chuckle while you’re waiting for your doctor or banker? Here are a few snippets from our day. I hope they bring a smile to your face.

“Mom, Jake got out and he’s eating a dead bird! No, wait. He’s just biting his nails.”

Storming into my bathroom while I’m in the shower, the boys yell, “Mom, Breanna stole somebody’s money.” My quick retort made even me giggle, “She can’t get out of the country.”

Mom: “Why is your quilt in the hamper?” Brooke: “There’s poop on it.” Mom: [Silence]

Dad calls to ask why eight year old Brooke reported her new unfettered access to our stove. Somebody wasn’t communicating very well.

I overheard the boys playing, “Just kill me. Just kill me….Oh, good job!”

I was hiding in my bedroom talking to a friend on the phone and heard three year old Breanna running around the house calling my name. She finally slammed open my bedroom door and exclaimed, “Oh, THERE you are, Mommy! You HIDING!!” She’s quick.

The sweet little six year old boy who rarely has a cross word to say to anyone finally broke–after his brother, sister and dog knocked over his lego tower–and yelled “Damn!” before throwing himself on the floor to cry. He didn’t even know he’d said it.


5 responses to “Life in This Here Home

  1. those are funny!!! i love how kids are funny without meaning to be.

  2. very cute and funny, it is amazing how amusing our lives really are when you look at them in bits and pieces. Heck we have the best entertainment around

  3. The one about the quilt made me laugh out loud! They all brighten a mom’s day. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Hilarious, Deb! You have such a natural way of writing too–I can just hear both you and your kids saying the exact words! Kids are great entertainment, aren’t they?

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