One of those Nobody Loves Me Days

I was having one of those self-pitying days, lamenting how alone I felt in this great big world. They don’t come often anymore, but when they hit (usually exacerbated by hormones), they go deep. I was trying to offer the Lord the sacrifice of joy. It just wasn’t working out.

Then the doorbell rang.


Unaware of my circumstances, a friend sent me this scrumptious surprise. It was an amazing message from God: You are not alone. I provide for not only your every need, but for your heart, my Love.

Thank You, God, for tending my heart.


4 responses to “One of those Nobody Loves Me Days

  1. wowo! that is amazing I love to hear stories of this kind . It is awesome how he works in so many ways to remind us how much he loves us isn;t it.

    Beautiful and yummy looking gift too.those chocolate strawberries would be so gone if it was here:-)

    Have a joyful day.

  2. Oh, those kind of surprises just when you need them are the best!

  3. what a sweet friend…and so perfect to arrive just when you needed it.

  4. Who’s your wonderful friend? Can you send her my name? What a blessing!

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