Decorative Scripture Memory Verse Pad Tutorial

Our Sonflower Sisters group is making our own Scripture memory verse “pads” from $1 chipboard packs from Michael’s Craft Store. Here’s a short tutorial even children can follow.

Trace the chipboard flower on the back side of decorative paper.


Cut out the paper flower.


Glue the flower to the chipboard.


Trace a cup to draw a circle to fit onto your flower.


Cut out the circle and glue it on your flower.


Write your Scripture Memory Verse on the circle. (This is a photo of Brooke working on her own, which is on different paper from her sister’s.)


Voila! A beautiful, sturdy Scripture Memory Verse pad.



5 responses to “Decorative Scripture Memory Verse Pad Tutorial

  1. this would work great for our chore packs which i’m trying to post about right now. it would make it look so much nicer.

  2. i love this idea for parenting tip cards!

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