“Light” Easter Reading

Last week we read all these books for our Easter unit study, in addition to the Holy Week accounts in all four Gospels.


This week we’ll do some hands-on activities and read another bunch of books this big. My favorite read so far, besides the Gospels of course, has been Petook: An Easter Story. I just might have to get a copy for our personal library.


3 responses to ““Light” Easter Reading

  1. we are doing the Easter Unit too. We have been making htings for our Easter tree. And reading the gospels mostly. This week we will bemaking a lot of paper palms to hand out to the congregation at church on Sunday, the children are doing a Palm Sunday parade, and everyone is to wave the palms and shout “HOshanna”.

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. We’re doing an Easter lapbbok. Tink is doing it but I make Peter sit for all the readings. I just love Easter. Looks like you folks have read a pack of books!

  3. You must have a fabulous library!! Ours will only let us check out two holiday books at a time. I should probably make a used book store trip to see what I can find. You’re so inspiring!

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