Holy Disappearing Egg Shells, Batman!

We loved dissolving egg shells so much last year that we decided to do it again.

Set an egg down into a clear glass and cover it with vinegar.


For the sake of experiment, we covered one in white vinegar and one in apple cider vinegar.


We took a photo


and recorded our observations in art and language.


We let the eggs sit overnight, made sure to touch them, photograph them,


and recorded our observations again.


On the third day, we rinsed off the eggs.


We can’t be 100% sure, but we guess that the egg soaked in the apple cider vinegar is darker because of the pigment in the vinegar.

Be sure to have fun with the egg. This egg is long side vertical, and you can see how far I’ve smooshed it down.


But be careful. Oops! I manhandled one. It was good that we’d made two.


Check out the balloon-like membrane. (Ignore the dirty fingernails–he’s a boy.)


I suggest carefully orchestrating the final smash. Even just gentle pressure can cause an egg-cano!


We recorded our final observations. I’m sure the children will be excited to show their Daddy!

What a fun leading-up-to-Easter activity. Now we’ll try blowing out raw eggs to make Pysanky.

3 responses to “Holy Disappearing Egg Shells, Batman!

  1. Pysanky? I can not wait to find out what that is. We did this experiment a month or so ago and had a lot of fun with it…it was one of the Book of Days projects

  2. Im planning on making pysanky too this year. I think Ill try this experiment with my kids. It looks cool.

  3. What a great idea to do this week! I’ve got three dozen eggs in the fridge and I already made bread pudding.

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