Behold the Lamb

We scored $10 home school tickets for Lancaster’s premier theater’s (Sight and Sound) Easter show, Behold the Lamb.


I wasn’t prepared for the amazing use of a gigantic projection screen that made the Jesus Walks on the Water scene very realistic!


Neither was I prepared for the stage that extended down the right and left walls of the theater.

We’d like to head back for the show In the Beginning. I wonder if we can still get $10 tickets?


Afterward, fellow blogger Becky invited us to pizza at her parents’ shop just across the street from Willow Valley. I can’t believe we’d never seen the place before, given all the times we’ve stayed at Willow Valley.

The kids had fun playing video games together and eating yummy pizza and ice cream.


4 responses to “Behold the Lamb

  1. Sight and Sound is amazing, we have seen many shows there and all ae so wonderful. In The Beginning is awesome lots o flive animals if you ever can go for the Christmas Show it will just leave you amazed.

  2. Very cool–and do I spot a Build-a-Bear? Is Brooke on Build-a-Bear online? My girls would LOVE to meet up with her their and play.

  3. looks like you had an amazing time….i used to go to Willow Valley as a kid for church retreats…it was so nice. What a funny coincidence

  4. love the group foto!

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