Enchanted March

Brooke’s favorite night of the entire year is our church’s Father Daughter Dessert and Dance.


This year we played hookey from gym class to take a little extra time to get ready. I barrel-curled her entire head, and she has a LOT of hair!


She was very careful not to let Daddy see her dress ahead of time.


The only thing he knew was that her nails were hot pink.


Both sets.


After the great unveil,


they were gracious to pose for a few shots on our deck.


And after a slap with a wet noodle, this:


I get this shot every year, and every year I’m amazed at how they’ve grown. (Breanna was tending to a potty-training incident and wouldn’t be bothered to take a photo.)


I’ll have to admit this is my favorite shot. It’s engraved on my heart now, forever.


Happy Spring, Baby!


2 responses to “Enchanted March

  1. so sweet and priceless I have got to start coming to Mountain, they have so much to offer the entire family which our current church is badly lacking in.

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