Keepin’ It Real: Laundry

Thought I’d share a typical day of laundry in our household of six.

First, we gather the dirty laundry from the bathroom floors and pile it in on, under, all around

The Hamper


My wonderful husband graciously washes and dries it in the dungeon downstairs and brings it up and piles it on

The Living Room Couch


On a heavy day, it piles up in the front windows of our house, which are visible from the main street. I’m sure our neighbors love that!

The children divide the laundry and send it to the appropriate rooms:

The Boys’ Room


My Side of the Bedroom


Hubby’s Side of the Room


The Girls’ Room


We did finally manage to move the girls’ clean laundry into the trundle. Breanna likes it better that way, I think.


Eventually it makes it into the closets and drawers, but if you come on laundry day you’d never believe that is true! So all of you who thought you were the only ones with laundry mountains, take heart. There are many of us out there.


6 responses to “Keepin’ It Real: Laundry

  1. Thank you, this is very reassuring. 🙂 In my living room I have one sofa devoted specifically to laundry. Which might explain why the boys always sit on the coffee table to watch TV or play video games.

  2. Oh yes–see we ARE alike. 🙂

  3. Oh my heavens, I feel so much better now!

  4. looks like my house, we have laundry piled high almost all the time, and I do 6 loads a day at least.

  5. I had all the laundry completed yesterday (and piled in a giant heap to fold, there it sits) and then had 2 more loads to do today. I HATE LAUNDRY!!! Thanks for the pics!

  6. I am sitting here, howling with delight!!! Have I told you today how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the best therapy I’ve had this past decade….

    You’re the best. I loved the pics, love knowing we’re not alone in this perpetual laundry merry-go-round!

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