Happy 60th, Mom!


We celebrated Mom’s 60th at one of Baltimore’s finest restaurants. She’d never been there, even though she grew up in Baltimore.


We had a great time, and almost all ended up dressing in black and white. Too funny!


We loved the sangria, snails and paella. Everything tasted amazing!


Mom’s friend arranged for the most delicious strawberry shortcake I’ve ever tasted to be brought out after dinner. She’d also arranged for extremely attentive service and picked up the check. What am amazingly generous heart.


I think this is my favorite shot of the night. Mom had had it with her heels.

2 responses to “Happy 60th, Mom!

  1. Deb you look gorgeous…what a pretty outfit!! Looks like much fun…happy birthday to your mom.

  2. you guys all look so pretty, gosh you and your sisters look so much alike- and Brooke looks just like you too,btw- your all so pretty.Bet your mom had a fabulous time.Sounds like a very blessed evening to celebrate with her:-)

    I have never been to this resturant either, and I have lived here all my life too. How was it:-)

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