Edible Easter Baskets


I can’t remember where I found this project, but it was certainly fun.

Melt a bag of butterscotch chips, then mix in a can of Chinese noodles (the crackery, crisp kind). Shape them into “nests” and put them in the frig to set. Fill with jelly beans and enjoy.

The taste was a little overhwhelmingly butterscotch for the kids. I’ve seen them made from chocolate chips. I wonder if peanut butter chips would work as well?

They’d make adorable last-minute Easter gifts for friends.


One response to “Edible Easter Baskets

  1. I saw them on The Crafty Crow- I think- made wiht coconut instead of the chow mein noodles- and with marshmellow, I was thinking of doing it after Easter for our bird unit and using robins egg candies , but of course I am sure we will have plenty of jelly beans leftover .

    Peanut butter would be good too, maybe with choclate together.

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