Jewish Museum of Maryland


Our home school co-op visited the Jewish Museum of Maryland recently.


We started out by making matzah.


The rabbi explained that they keep the water and flour in different tents so they don’t mix until the absolute last minute–because they only have 18 minutes from mixing to finish making and baking the matzah.


Evidently there’s a tiny bit of self-rising in flour even without added yeast. I guess you see that when you make play doh from flour and water.


Ye Olde Matzah Oven.


The synagogue was just gorgeous, with light blue walls and ornate white woodwork.


The children loved playing in the kitchen in the Golden Land playroom, which was set up with stations to teach them about Jewish immigrants to the United States in the 1800’s.


We finished up the tour by enjoying the matzah the children made.


I’m grateful to the moms who took photos, since I forgot my camera!


One response to “Jewish Museum of Maryland

  1. what a great field trip. I wanted to do some sort of passover sedar meal or somethng, and never thought of the museum. perhaps it would be fun to go next week, to celelbrate the time Jesus was risen before he ascended.

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