Our Easter Finery

Don’t you know that even Solomon in all his finest robes was not clothed as beautifully as a wildflower?


Still, I think these kids come pretty close.


They’re just adorable.


The great thing is they think Mom and Dad are cute, too. I’ll take cute.


Lord, I cannot imagine how beautiful Heaven will be. Thank you for creating color and line, style and beauty.


6 responses to “Our Easter Finery

  1. your family looks so beautiful! you have wonderful children and a wonderful husband (who has a wonderful wife, might i add) – God has richly blessed!

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE the girl’s dresses!!

  3. Those dresses are beautiful! And the boys are so handsome and happy…

  4. Oh my – you’re looking like quite the perfect little family!! Adorable … but intimidating! Fortunately I’ve got the rest of your blog to see some more ‘normal’ and quirky moments!! =)

  5. you all look wonderful…i love your matching outfits

  6. Wow–so fun catching up on your Easter…what a blessing you are to your family!

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