BIG Gardens

An excerpt from my Gardening Journal:

“Okay, so I have to tell you the story behind yesterday’s trip to the nursery.


“It took three hours, a headache and a half, several cashiers, a trip to go help a friend who got locked out of her car, a change of plans, another change of plans, a rented truck, a helpful neighbor, a trip back for lots more soil, and hour of massage with Arnica gel, and a hot bath to get our garden boxes ready.


“We now have four 4′ x 6′ Square Foot garden boxes filled six inches deep with potsoil and gardening soil.


“We started 72 seed pods in a tiny tabletop greenhouse.


“We planted six pots of herbs. We got a lot fo what we wanted, but not all. We forgot to label the seed pods, so we’ll have potluck gardens. We’ll have surprise harvests!


“After my initial discouragement at not ending up more organized, I found the funny side. It’s just life.


“I’m hoping the kids can put out a table of our harvests and make some money. There aren’t any fresh veggie stands around. It could be fun!


“I’m reading through Barbara Kingsolver’s book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. They purposed to live off only what was grown locally. So I’m sure to find a few chuckles and a seed pot-full of inspiration there.


“For now, our work is to bring the plants in at night


“and put them out during the day.




“And water them as needed. It will be annoying, I’m sure.


“But we’re all working together. We’ll be a stronger family because of it, I know.”



11 responses to “BIG Gardens

  1. this looks like so much fun! i totally have a black thumb, so this wouldn’t work for us. i’ll just have to enjoy your photos as things progress. you’ve got terrific kids – i know they will enjoy this project. and hopefully make little money too :O)

  2. make that: make “A” little money, too :O)

  3. Awesome garden boxes! You’ll love that book, inspiring to be sure…

  4. I read that book last summer on our drive to Iowa, loved it! Very inspiring and overwhelming all at once. I have been a slacker on the veggie garden this year… had hoped to be more organized, but I am just plain tuckered out and am not sure I have the energy for it!

  5. Deb, Brooke Brad, Brian and Breanna,

    I loved working with you guys, and I am lookiong forward to our harvest as well as the time we will spend togehter in the gardens.

    All my love Hubby/Dad

  6. Deb–good for you for trying this project. One of my best childhood memories is of the huge veggie garden that we had in Maine and tending to the plants in summer and harvesting them in the fall. Truly–the “fruits of your labor,” as they say! There’s nothing like a tomato salad with herbs…all grown in your backyard! Enjoy tending to your plants and instilling in your children the love of God’s nature!

  7. Oh, Deb…forgot to say–next time you need a big work truck, let me know. Fedea has a huge one and he doesn’t mind lending it out! 🙂 No sense in renting one!!!!

  8. Wow! I’m so impressed with your project! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  9. I hear ya. Im doing the same thing. Taking the plants out in the day and in at night…out and in.. but in the end its worth it. I envy your box beds. Iw ant some so badly but it looks like it wont happen this year yet. I would love to do all raised bed gardening some day.

  10. I sheepishly admit I was the friend who locked herself, hubby, and four children out of our vehicle. And Deb came to the rescue–in the midst of all that garden stuff and the rest of life. Thanks again–and bountiful blessings for the harvest!

  11. Gardening is a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it! Your pots are so cute! 🙂

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