Season’s First Bike Ride

I surprised the children with a bike ride on one of our first nice days of spring. We loaded up the bikes and headed to the local church parking lot, where there’s plenty of room to get up speed and do crazy eights.

Then I got a really crazy idea.


I took off Brian’s training wheels! I just had a gut feeling he was ready.


He was! Look at him go!

Brad learned just last year and now he’s a pro.


Brooke always smiles the entire time she’s on her bike. I love it!


Breanna was thrilled to recognize her own shadow.


And then her own reflection.


“Objects may appear cuter, if that is possible, in the mirror.”

When she was tired of riding her bike, she found these binos. Crazy kid!



One response to “Season’s First Bike Ride

  1. Deb, How did you get your kids to ride without training wheels? My daughter Alyssa is scared to. She much prefers to ride her scooter. How do I help her get over her fear? By the way, I had a baby boy about a month ago. His name is Benjamin. He is a delight. Please continue to pray for Jonathan as he continues to battle cancer.


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