Properties of Air

We learned a bit about air in our Airplanes and Flying KONOS unit, part of Trust.

Air moves in a stream–it can be re-routed by obstacles.


Air affects the environment.


Air does work.


Hot air moves very quickly.


I think I’m finally going to learn how an airplane works! WooHoo for home schooling!!


One response to “Properties of Air

  1. Hello Fellow Konosers,
    Just had to tell about when we did Flight. I was trying to explain the difference between a bird’s flight feathers and down feathers. We had the windows open and a gust blew all of our feathers up on the screen. Then as it slowly died down, the wing feathers fell off first leaving all the down feathers on the screen. It was so cool. We loved Flight! Have you checked if there is a Young Eagles program in your area? Kids can go for a free plane ride.
    Blessings, Linda

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