Our Soaring Sams

My kids love the photo of their young daddy with his Soaring Sam glider; so they were delighted when I arrived home with styrofoam gliders for each of them.


They decorated them with colored Sharpie markers. Check out Brad’s Snoopy plane.


Then they flew them at a local park.


They learned quickly how to set them into the wind, not agains it.


Next…flying remote controlled airplanes. Now wouldn’t THAT be fun?!

4 responses to “Our Soaring Sams

  1. this looks like a load of fun! i want to join your homeschool :O), of course we have fun, too. just not with airplanes :O(

  2. They look like so much fun! Where did you find the styrofoam planes?

  3. We got them at the dollar store. I can’t even remember which one. Sorry. Hope you can find some.

  4. Oh, and I don’t have the wrapper, so I don’t know the brand name. I’ll let you know if I see them again.

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