Airplane Restoration

Our generous friend Donald invited us to take a look at the 1955 airplane he is restoring when he learned we were studying planes. Come to find out, he reads this humble blog.


He created this good-looking plane


out of two heaps of junk and plenty of odd parts, including this helicopter engine.


He explained the frame is covered by a cloth that is painted several times with different materials. It is not aluminum like we’d assumed.


He expects it to be ready to fly this summer. Maybe once he gets the propeller on he’ll give us a tour from the sky.


In the meantime, sitting in the cockpit is a load of fun!



Thanks, Donald, for sharing your special project and your time with us.


2 responses to “Airplane Restoration

  1. Maybe is doesn’t take “a village” to raise a family, but there are CERTAINLY some blessings associated with those who come alongside us in our efforts!! What a fun day.

  2. what a great treat, is this the sky park in Essex,off of Back River Neck Rd. It looks familiar.

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