Garden Update: Planting the Babies

We transplanted the seedlings we so tenderly cared for this past month into our square foot gardening boxes.


Because I’m a visual thinker, I had to lay everything out on this crazy grid that made hubby laugh. Check out the rising (yellow) and setting (orange) suns.


I’m excited that hubby will build overhead arbors for the peas and beans to climb, and for the tomatoes and cucumbers to hug.


We started with a full house, with Chuck teaching the kids how to plant and me helping them staple the twine to segment the boxes.


And we ended up two very dirty parents wondering what happened to our dutiful children. I’m finding so many similarities between gardening and parenting.

Here’s half our garden. On the left are climbing beans and on the right will be pumpkins. Ooh!


In this box are tomatoes, both large and cherry, peppers, and a few scattered flowers. I’m going to fill in with either more veggies or flowers. I haven’t decided.

Here’s the other half of our garden. At the very top are 4′, 2′ and 18″ sunflowers and climbing peas.


In the closer box are lettuces, lavenders, parsley, chives, basil and rosemary. I planted cilantro and dill seeds in the middle boxes. I hope they grow!

This is our first stab at all this. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing, seriously. But isn’t that what parenting is like, too? I remember being at the dining room table, our first newborn in the baby bath, wondering what on earth to do with her. I didn’t even know how to bathe her. But I learned. And I’ll learn with gardening. I’ll take some advice, try some things, figure out what I like and am good at as I go along, and one day hope to garden alongside my very own grandchildren. Amazing!


3 responses to “Garden Update: Planting the Babies

  1. your garden looks awesome

  2. Wow! You go girl! In the dark recesses of my mind, I’ve been planting a garden for years. Maybe I really can do it!

  3. Beautiful raised beds! I can’t wait to see then as they progress.

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