Preparing for Home School Review

This week I’m weeding through all the learning we’ve done this year in preparation for my Friday home school review. If it’s quiet here, you know why.


7 responses to “Preparing for Home School Review

  1. Hey, mine is Friday as well. Hope all goes well for you!

  2. good luck, I know you will do great, do you go through the county we use an umbrella and ours is pretty easy, just show up for a field trip once a year adn send in a list of resources and thats it, one of the umbrellas we used was a peer review so easy as well.

  3. I understand perfectly, having just done that myself.:-)

  4. so glad i don’t have to evaluate for the school board anymore. once Kali hit 16 – she’s not legally required to be in school, so we don’t have to turn in an evaluation. yay! but i do still do my own evaluation and overview here to see where we are and what we need to be doing. i need to start on that soon, so thanks for the reminder :O) and good luck with yours! piece of cake!

  5. if you have to do the school board thing – just give them a link to your blog :O)

  6. Ooh, I’m sorta doing that, too, even though I don’t have to. How exciting!

  7. good luck….i look forward to you being back here.

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