Mother’s Day Take One

I know I said I postponed Mother’s Day. But looking back at my photos from that day, I realize I had a wonderful day.

We stopped for ice cream at Broom’s  Bloom Dairy after church, then wandered around the countryside looking at the homes for sale. I have a farmette on my heart.

brooms bloom

After my dad left in the late afternoon, Chuck and I sat outside under this amazing sky


to partake in this wonderful dinner while overlooking the river.


After a very skinny sliver of this four layer decadence,


we came inside to cuddle up to a romantic movie.


Wow, it really was a fantastic Mother’s Day. And tomorrow I get spoiled by my children. I can’t wait!


4 responses to “Mother’s Day Take One

  1. Looks like it was a SWEET day!

  2. what a nice day. you have such a sweet family. Ice cream a nice dinner romantic movie sounds so great.Who could ask for more.

    Btw, you and your dad look so much alike you know your smiles are the same:-)

  3. What a glorious day! That sky…the dinner…wow!

  4. Hi Deb! It’s not about this post – my Emily told me Brooke is doing camp this year at that place we saw each other today (trying not to give away too much info, LOL) – and we were wondering what session or sessions. 🙂 You can email or reply here, I’ll check back. Thanks!


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