A Bunch of Wild Animals

Recently we visited

at sign

We grabbed a quick group shot at the beginning, knowing we wouldn’t get them to slow down once we got started.

group photo

We spent the first part of the day with the fast-walkers, visiting this adorable baby elephant, Samson,

baby elephant

and the waddling penguins.

penguin set up

We spent the afternoon with the casual stroll-ers, taking in the polar bears,

brea polar bear

from all sorts of angles,

water tunnel

walking the swinging bridge,

swinging bridge

climbing and sliding down trees,

tree slide

brushing the goats,

brea brian brushing goat

and riding the horses.

brad on horse

Well, sort  of.

brooke on horse

And, of course, taking the mandatory Mommy photo. Otherwise, how would anyone prove I actually exist? TeeHee.

all of us together

5 responses to “A Bunch of Wild Animals

  1. i love going to the zoo. We visited this zoo a few months back, and had so so much fun. I think my kids could have brushed those goats all day long if we let them.

  2. love the zoo, looks like you had a great day. HOw do you always look so good no matter where you are:-)

    I looked and smelled like one of those goats by the time we left the zoo,lol,;-)

  3. Awww… kids and zoos just go together so well, don’t they? 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos from the zoo. Don’t you love watching our children conquer their fears (gym class)? Happy Day!

  5. Hey, “fastwalkers”?! I resemble that comment…and proudly! Haha! 🙂

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