Rainbow Cake

We finally made the cake I’ve been obsessed with. This is a shot of it I found on Megan’s whatever blog. She’s great!!

meg's rainbow cake photo

I took on the challenge.


Whip up two boxed white cake mixes like normal (and threaten to take away the beaters and the bowl for licking if the children can’t stop arguing over them).

brea beater

Divide the cake mix evenly into six bowls and add GEL food coloring (not drops or your cake will turn out pastel and too runny) to make: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.


When the color is thoroughly mixed in, pour the colored batter into six different floured cake pans

pour batter

and bake.

baked cakes

Of course, you MUST let the children lick the bowls…

blue bowl

When the cakes have cooled, take a long knife and slice off the rounded tops

green cake

and give the children more sugar!

Stack the layers–purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red–on top of one another, “gluing” the layers together with white icing.

rainbow cake

[I think it’s hilarious you can see the ingredients I bought to make my own clothes washing soap in the background.]

Cover the entire cake with a thin layer of white icing–I chose to use canned white icing with rainbow chips already in it to go along with the theme–and put it in the refrigerator to harden. (This helps keep crumbs from spreading as you ice the cake…thank you, Megan!)

cake hardening

[The beer left over from my birthday steamed crab bash seems a little out of place.]

Add another layer of icing and you get this beautiful surprise rainbow cake!

cake finished

The real surprise is that we won’t be cutting into it ourselves. Our neighbors just won full custody of their grandchildren (a blessing!) and we’ll be helping them to celebrate with this yummy cake! God is soooo good.


10 responses to “Rainbow Cake

  1. what a fun cake!!! that is so nice of you to celebrate with your neighbors with your beautiful cake. i just made my detergent today(blog post to come), i hope it works out because i did not use the fels naptha soap

  2. i checked out your friend’s ‘whatever’ page and i love it. got it bookmarked now for future use :O). your cake looks wonderful and it’s so nice you can share it. your kids remind me of my own – mine are just taller :O)

  3. Your cake is awesome! I saw Meg’s and fell in love with it too. It’s on my “to do” list with Anna this summer! Thanks for the suggestion of the aluminum cake pans–I don’t own 6 and couldn’t think of a way to make them all at the same time…duh! Now, can I beg you to post what it looked like when you cut into it? Pretty please????

  4. Fun! I’d enjoy seeing ‘after’ photos, too.

  5. Well, we didn’t get any photos of the “after” because we gave it to friends. But we’ll be sure to make another one and take plenty of photos of the “after” and of eating it, too!

  6. Wow! Martha Stewart impressive!

  7. A friend just told me about this cake she saw on your friends whatever website. I tracked down the recipe via google and it brought me to your blog! I am making this cake today for my sons school carnival cake walk! Those little kindergarteners will be very excited!! Thank you for sharing!

  8. beautiful cake! I love it!

  9. do you have this recipe? it looks fabulous!

  10. Gail, it’s just two box white cake mixes divided into six bowls. Use GEL (not liquid) food coloring. Cook the cakes (I use disposable pans b/c I don’t have 6 round cake pans) and cool them. Cut off the tops even with the sides. Frost between layers. We use canned white icing with rainbow chips. Yum!

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