Shenandoah Heaven

We camped with friends at Mathews Arm campground on Skyline Drive this past weekend.

group pic

The men kept a campfire going the whole time. Brad loved whittling beside it.

brad whittling

Brian enjoyed burning things in it.

brian fire

Brian loved the wildlife.

reindeer brian

Breanna and Anna got along splendidly.


They share a love for coffee,

brea coffee

and critters.

breanna snail 2

The boys built their own shelters

brad and brad building

brad and brian building

even though we did let them sleep in our tents.

in tent

I love that the boys still love their mommy

deb and boys

and aren’t old enough to be self-conscious about too many “guy” things yet.

boys hiking

I also love that they pick up all things slimey.

brian froggy

Because God knows I’m not touching those things. Well, maybe this cutie!

brian catching himself

Brooke took to whittling quickly.

brooke whittling

She loved getting some one-on-one time with the moms.

brooke and deb

And she loved practicing her photography.

brad portrait

She made sure her little sis knew how much she loves her.

morning kiss

I got to hang out with a good friend.

deb and mandie

And my best friends.

family hike shot

Chuck got in some good snuggles,

hike rest

and some funny monkey business.


I have to add this shot. Brad looks just like the 1970’s “sasquatch” or “Big Foot” walking through the woods. A little photoshop and we could be rolling in the money!

big foot

On the way home, we stopped at the overlooks to enjoy the view.


deb and chuck overlook

brooke overlook

brad overlook

brian overlook

What a fantastic trip! Last year the Natural Bridge; this year Shenandoah; next year??


6 responses to “Shenandoah Heaven

  1. What fun adventure! I was hoping you wouldn’t get rained out. Looks like the weather was perfect.

  2. looks like a fun, exciting time — if you overlook that shot of Brian practicing to be a bank robber – lol! just kidding – i’m sure he must have been catching bugs or fish or something :O). seriously what a great family trip and i love Skyline Drive!

  3. now i know where skyline drive is! we drove past it this week.

  4. what a great weekend , looks wonderful. and it did not rain on you even better. I love Skyline drive so pretty.

  5. These pictures are making me homesick!

  6. i love all the pictures…those shots of the little kids holding hands is too cute

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