Can I Be Disappointed?

I’m trying. I really am. But I don’t have the knack of this gardening thing. I love growing seedlings and caring for them. I love setting them out every day for sun and bringing them in at night. I love having my kitchen covered in green infant plants. But I don’t know what to do with these toddler plants now that they’re outside. They don’t seem to be growing. They’re not climbing the trellises. They cilantro went to seed. the lettuce heads aren’t developing. The strawberries have turned black and shriveled up. Waaahhhh…


Oh, how I hate whining. I detest it in my children. Yet, here I whine.


At least my flowers on the deck are still pretty.


(Of course, I took this photo a few weeks ago…)

4 responses to “Can I Be Disappointed?

  1. I’m so sorry. I had a similar experience last year and haven’t even planted any veggies this year because of it. Hopefully you’ll get some helpful comments (unfortunatly I can only sympathize.)

  2. Maybe this will make you feel better: strawberry season is pretty much over; the cucumbers *will* get big enough to grab the trellis (but you do have to help them up there 🙂 and it’s only the beginning of the growing season!

  3. strawberrys usually don;t do well the first year they usually come back then do well the next yearr. And lettuce is better in a container from my own experience. HOnestly it has been a very wet spring- cool too- which maybe why somethings are not doing so good. OUr tomatoes are loaded though, it looks from your photo you have some stuff growing.

    Consider this year a learning year ot see what does well in your yard and what does not.Also get your soil tested to see if you need any fertilizers or other things added.In Maryland we tend to have clay/sandy soil, and for some plants we need to add some nutrients other things like watermelons,squashes, and tomatoes love it.

    Honestly i have never had luck with cucumbers or carrots, either. Radishes tend to do well here.

  4. I’m hoping to do the same kind of gardening you’ve got going next year – when my classes are all done! However, I’m not “naturally inclined” with a green thumb either, so I’ll be watching your way!!

    Hey, btw, it dawned on me today that I hadn’t seen your blog in a while and triple checked my bloglist. It says you haven’t updated anything for two weeks — and yet, YOU HAVE!! I wonder why it said that. Have you changed any setting that would effect that? The other blogs on my list seem in order.

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