Trading Spaces Boys v. Girls: Working Hard

The kids worked really hard on each other’s rooms.

Brian and Brad sanded a $2 from the county school system.

brad sanding

You can really see the difference in their personalities here. Brad is very intent and detail-focused and Brian’s a big-picture kind of guy.

brian sanding

The boys put together a really cute hot pink chair from Ikea for the girl’s desk area.

brookes chair

They were really wishing they had space for their own spinny chair–only not in pink!


In the  meantime, the girls were hard at work on the boys’ decor.

brooke painting

brea painting

And helping a very stressed Mama

funny face

take care of the mounds and mounds of JUNK that were cleared out of their closets and from under their beds. Ugh!

living room 2

After hours and hours of grueling work you don’t see on that daggone TLC show, we were ready for bed. In a clean living room. Aaaaahhh.

praying face

Stay tuned for the Whipped Cream Pie Throwing challenge and the Clues.


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