Trading Spaces Boys v. Girls: The Boys’ New Room

The boys were completely clueless after receiving a plastic grocery bag as a clue to the theme of their bedroom.

The girls were excited to reveal the new theme…can you guess yet?

brian's dresser

I managed to catch their initial reaction

initial reaction

to their new MILITARY room!

top bunk

Their daddy was a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne, and the plastic bag was a makeshift parachute. In this photo you can see him during a jump.

brad's dresser

If you look closely in the photo above with the girls, you can see him in the jungle. The boys LOVE having photos of their dad and his army gear all over their bedroom.

Brian wanted a teddy-bear theme. We managed to make him happy with this pilot teddy bear.


I think it’s safe to say they’ll enjoy this room for years to come.

brad asmuth

2 responses to “Trading Spaces Boys v. Girls: The Boys’ New Room

  1. It looks cool. I love how the girls connected it to their dad’s past. I’m sure that makes it super special to the boys.

  2. well how cool is that! the girls did an awesome job and i know that dad must be super proud!

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