Trading Spaces Boys v. Girls: The Girls’ New Room

Talk about giddy! We were too excited to wait until after breakfast to reveal the new bedrooms.

The boys made hearts out of hot pink hawaiian leis to greet the girls.

lei hearts

Look at what else greeted the girls:

girls bed

and this


and this.

desk area

Look at this cute shelf.

girls shelf

I changed up their closet drapes with a little RIT dye


and some pretty fabric (necessary when I dried the drapes in the machine and they shrunk.)

curtain update

The girls were so surprised! They really didn’t know what to expect.

happy girls

Brooke went straight to her desk/crafting area. It was the one thing she wanted in her bedroom.

brooke crafting

Even though Brea cried when we took out her crib, she was thrilled to meet her new trundle bed


and find her own stash of books nearby.

brea's books

She invited us all, and I mean all, to join her.

jake too

Didn’t the boys do a FANTASTIC job?!

5 responses to “Trading Spaces Boys v. Girls: The Girls’ New Room

  1. It’s beautiful! You all really worked hard that weekend, didn’t you?!

  2. wow! this is awesome! the guys did an excellent job. i can hardly wait to see the boys’ room now. what a great idea 🙂

  3. this is such a cute idea….both of the rooms turned out so great. You must have worked really hard. i love the curtains…they did a super job

  4. uh… you did this all in a weekend!? WOW!

  5. I came across your blog when I was searching google images for a desk for my daughter. I absolutely love your trundle bed. Can I ask where you got it? My friend got one just like it on freecycle…hoping I can be so lucky!

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