A Funky Hip Hop Year

This year Brooke took hip-hop dance at a local studio.  Here she is receiving her award at the end of the season.

dance award

Her costume is over-the-top and looks great against black with a little black light.


She learned all sorts of pops, jams, and even the coffee grinder.

brooke and grace

She and her friend Grace were the youngest in the class and wore matching costumes.

They loved having an excuse to wear make-up.


The theme of the show is Rhythm in My Sole. Brooke acted in an extra shoe shopping scene, which is right up her alley.

shoe  shop

Here’s my best shot at non-flash photography of the performance.

whole class

And the finale.


After five hours of rehearsal, we finally headed home after 10pm.

clock tower

Whew! What a night.

What a year, for that matter!


2 responses to “A Funky Hip Hop Year

  1. Those outfits are GREAT!! Love the headbands. Very cute!

  2. we just finished off our dance year , with a three our recital last night,it is a long year and a long week.I know I am exhausted.

    Madeline wants to do hip-hop at some point we shall see.

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