Adventure Week

This week, while the older two children are at day camp,

brad at beachmont

brooke at beachmont

I’m hanging out with the younger two.

Today we braved the wild (part of our church’s special advevnture week) together at Mommy and Me.

riding elephant

Breanna’s favorite part was the “Petting Zoo.”

breanna animals

Brian had a ball throwing these sticky frogs agains the wall. Better their walls than mine!

throwing frogs

What a fun little peanut toss game.

peanut throwing

No expedition is complete without fishing.


And holding a python. Let’s just say Mama was glad not everyone got a turn with the tarantula.

brea holding python

I just love that she’s holding this just as gently as she would a newborn kitten or a small rabbit. Sweet girl.

We re-entered civilization to meet Dad for a quick lunch.


When we got home, we took a few minutes to watch the road workers finally put in the speed humps we lobbied for. Wahoo!

road work

Brian made a pitcher of ice cold lemonade for the workers, who in turn left a thank-you note. What a great kid!

What a great day!


2 responses to “Adventure Week

  1. So sweet…I’m realizing the importance of the older two being somewhere else on occasion so I can spend focused time on the younger two. It gives them chance to really shine and be free from the older ones’ shadows. Love the Brea & snake photo!

  2. Looks like your kids are having fun at their summer activities! Mine are going to VBS this summer and can’t wait!

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